What students have said...

The course largely addressed my needs and I enjoyed its self-paced style. You were always very responsive and this helped making up for the lack of face-to-face interaction. I always felt I could send an email asking a question or clarification, and there was also the possibility of using instant messaging. Also, your comments and corrections were always well laid out and comperhensive, without being overwhelming. If distant learning always worked this well, I would start investing in virtual universities...

- Antonio S., Virginia


I appreciate your help on all the topics, and I do feel prepared to take the AP exam at the end of the year.

- Rob S., New Mexico


I have learned a lot, and working the problems was the most fun I have had in a long time (no, seriously!). I think I too am getting quite a bit out of the course. It's usually fairly easy to just read a book and learn quite a bit about most subjects. GR is a little different in that there seems to be pitfalls to understanding that are really difficult to resolve on ones own. Add to that my IQ is very near average with mediocre math skills and I will probably never grasp most of GR in any case. Still isn't the internet wonderful in that DrPhysics can offer such an enlightening course. I wouldn't have believed it probable twenty years ago. For a long time there also was no chance of discussion on such an offbeat subject. And finally, Spacetime Physics is even better than other books. Can you tell I am grateful?

- Richard T., Illinois


Just wanted to send you a big "Thank you!" Because of your class (and your patience) I did awesome on the Math placement exam when I applied to go back to college on Tuesday! I placed into a Calculus course, which I would never have done otherwise!! So THANK YOU.

- Mara P., Washington


Dr. Lombardi proved to be a true mentor, who would never fail to respond to my questions, whatever they might be, in a prompt and thoughtful fashion. I have gained a lot of confidence from taking this class, and it has awakened an interest in me to pursue further math classes, starting with Calculus II from Dr. Lombardi. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning advanced math who is willing to be devoted to the material and would like to attempt progressive educational techniques.

- Jeff Z., New Jersey


Just a short note to thank you for the course. The class did indeed meet my needs. I must mention your patience (I didn't exactly forward my assignments regularly) and helpfulness (taking the trouble to expand on the questions that I forwarded over the last months). I feel that I have really benefited from this course - all my survey answers were "strongly agree". I am actually registered for a course in differential equations at the University of South Africa (by correspondence), and I reckon that I am now well versed / revised in the fundamentals of calculus, thanks to your course.

- Justin S., South Africa


I enjoyed the class very much. I am 62 and want to keep my brain active. This [Relativity] class did that!

- Ron H., Texas


Thanks for the class. I feel you have proposed fundamental properties of the calculus without making it too difficult for an online class. I think the assignments where the right size and complexity for my level. Expect to see me in calc II... on my way to my masters in engineering!!!

- Ryan K., Colorado

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